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Classification of Advertising Display

Advertising display refers to the media which based on mechanical or automatic transmission, three sides turn over and trundle lamphouse also are included.Speaking of broad categories, it can be divided into three categories: LCD advertisement display, outdoor three sides turn over and light box.

But in China, people generally take advertising display as foreign digital signage, actually, it was standalone digital poster display at the beginning, as for the later network advertisement display,interactive advertisement display are international standard term, such as digital signage system, interactive all-in-one display (interactive tablet),and others, such as bluetooth, naked eyes are based on the name of all-in-one PC.

Classifications are :car advertising display, LCD advertising display, LED advertising display,building advertising display, network advertising display,standalone advertising display, outdoor advertising display,floor standing advertising display, wall mounted advertising display, digital signage, touch screen advertising display, all-in-one advertising display and so on. And there are different advertising displays for different places, we can customize different displays to meet your requirement.

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