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Skills Sharing of Advertising Content

Every medium needs to attract people by conveying information. There is no big different with advertising display. From the previous font choices, advertising display has certain differences and limits of size,which need to be considered in order to reach the target consumers. For your reference, we have compiled 6 of the most important things to remember, when creating and managing advertising content.


1.Keep the text short and clear

It is better to put a light background with dark text or to ensure enough contrast on the screen.

To make sure the text is clear and close. We recommend that the text should be in the size of about 1 inch in every 10 feet from the advertising screen.

2.Time is everything

If play a scrolling picture on the advertising screen too fast,consumer won’t be able to digest all the content. However, leaving the content on the screen for long time, it will be equally damaging. We recommend that you keep each project/screen time in 7 seconds, it will be appropriate.

3.Use eye-catching visual effects

The words and images on the screen be dynamic will be better, and it will be easier to attract consumers’ attention.

4.Content diversity is the key

The content on advertising display should vary according to specific location

and purpose.

5. Content is the most important

It should be interesting, most people could remember three projects at any

given time.Keep the content interesting, and information clear, concise,

which can be read and absorbed.

6.Should the content be remote management or manual?

Installing remote management features is one of the best ways to update content. Many of the advertising company’s software, including Digg, Instagram, Google calendar, Google drive, Picasa, Google Plus, YouTube and Twitter. In addition, some software companies have added new integration capabilities to Web browsers and extensions.

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