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The Function of Multimedia AD Display and it’s Features

With the development of multimedia technology, and the innovation application in advertising field, its main features of advertising display are:

1.Simple program editing interface, the operation personnel can use software anywhere to edit and release all kinds of  text, icons, animation, video, audio, information and without special training.

2. Convenient maintenance of advertising display.The system will work automatically, and no special person will be required to manage the operation. Even if the terminal player has an unexpected power outage, the system will be replayed automatically when the power is recharged. No artificial operation is required.

3. With multiple layers’ mixed editing function ,support composite video, HDTV video etc., such as transparent overlay, stunt flip, scrolling text and other mixed displays.

4. The advertising display uses a variety of media presentation methods (video, audio, image, animation), which is called narrowcasting system.

5. A dynamic advertisement which allows the content to be changed constantly.

6.Similar to TV advertisements and advertisements on the web, but it is highly targeted, flexible in forms and content.Therefore, the advertising display can be used with different production tools (such as web page production, VCD production, FLASH production, etc.).

7.Advertising display is a kind of new technology which integrates network technology,multimedia technology, software component development, and integrated technology, it is a kind of user-oriented production technology, which means that users can learn to make all kinds of signs by themselves easily.

8.Advertising display is a rapidly developing technology and it is constantly innovation,including technical, market and industrial structure. 

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