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Advertising Display has become retail market’s new favorite

Advertising display has become a new favorite of retail market. A rich mixture of communication forms and intelligent are popular among young people, in an ear of information interaction, more and more companies are focus on consumers’ experience, stimulate consuming desire, and gradually accept their marketing strategy on the emergence of the interactive elements. But, the installation of touch screens and video walls could not ensure the participation, and content is the key. We would like to share the basic skills of digital audio visual engineering network here, and hope to be helped to you.


Shopping mall advertising display

1. Adopt diversified communication patterns

A picture is better than any word. A perfect experience requires a strong media support.

However, the fact is not as simple as it seems. Although all kinds of media can capture consumer’s attention quickly, they are more attractive in the form of pictures and texts.

Also, to be sure that as content creators, you must know the target consumers clearly. If not, it will not impress them.


2.Show relevant information

The key to all content creation is “relevance”. Content needs to meet the needs and expectations of different consumers. It is the fist step to understand the needs of a particular consumer toward greater engagement. For the admissions office of a university, a multiple touch terminal may be able to display information about the homes, majors and campus life. For a store, a retail advertising display like a multi-touch screen is essential to show the basic product information, including price and practicality. A lack of information leads to some degree of participatory decline.

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